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If you are searching for the anabolic steroid Stanozolol, you may want to take a look at Winstrol Max for your bodybuilding program. Several reasons why it would do you good to consider other anabolic supplements existence; and one of them is about Toxicity. Winstrol, though serving your purpose of building bigger muscles, may lead to unhealthy contra-indications.

This article on the product will give you insight into how this program will benefit you.

What is Winstrol Max? (Win Max)

This is an anabolic supplement that copies the effects and characteristics of Stanozolol, a synthetic compound.

Belonging to Purity Select and marketed and distributed by, WinMax is structured to give you the best formula for gaining good-looking muscles. Benefits attached to using WinMax include;
- Gain in Lean Mass
- Good option for shaping Abs
- Effective for cutting cycles

WinMax has been proved to be a very effective anabolic supplement; hence, it is advised that it should  be used exclusively for gaining muscles and for bodybuilding. Also, its owners- Purity Select suggest that a balanced diet is maintained with regular exercise while using the supplement.



WinMax is quite unique as it does not cause a gain in weight, much unlike other supplements. This is because it is also responsible for a degree of fat loss. The major components of WinMax consist of a coupled measurement of up to 632mg per serving of many of  today’s popular clinically tested and certified muscle-gaining substances. These include L-Leucine, saw palmetto, DL-Phenylatanine, L-Valine, D-Aspartate, L-Isoleucine, L-Arginine and Oat-Straw extract. Other relatively dormant components are Magnesium Stearate and Cellulose.

Also, WinMax has proven to be void of extra chemical compounds or inducers which may have contra-indications.

How does it Work?

Because it is different from Winstrol and Stanozolol, it is quite safe and reliable, in terms of success of the bodybuilding program. To understand how it works, one would need to examine the ingredients in detail and make analyses.

L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine, three Branched Chain Amino-acids are essential compounds that are necessary for proper muscle and body growth. They also aid normal tissue formation and facilitate restorative processes via certain pathways in the liver.

Saw Palmetto, another ingredient happens to be an herbal product effective at decreasing symptoms of certain abnormalities in the Prostate, and also in boosting tendencies for sexual activities. It is believed that Purity Select added Saw Palmetto as one of the ingredients of WinMax to promote the flow of urine, to function as a relaxant/sedative, and also to antagonize inflammation.

D-Aspartate is one more ingredient in WinMax, and it resulted from the 'fusion' of both Aspartic Acid and L-Aspartate. D-Aspartate is known to enhance testosterone in infertile men, and is also used by sports men as a short-term energy enhancer. It also functions in the brain to induce the discharge of certain hormones like the GH, FSH and the LH.

It accumulates in the testicles, and helps activate an inhibited regulatory step in the anabolic pathway of testosterone, which may result in an increase in testosterone levels. The higher your testosterone levels, the better it is for your bodybuilding desires.

Oat straw extract
This is a plant-based ingredient known to be a proven natural energy booster. It contains neither sugar nor caffeine and therefore antagonizes midday crashes.

Studies reveal that the ingredient aids the expansion of the Brain's blood vessels- when necessary, especially the arteries to enhance blood flow and ensure active mental health. It can be seen as a direct option to Caffeine, which also energizes users during rigorous exercise.

Safety of WinMax

Well, kudos to Purity Select for their open-mindedness, as regards the components of WinMax. They all are natural and proven to be advantageous to the health of the user. Also, at the moment, WinMax has no notable contra-indications. However no matter how safe and cool it appears, you are advised to seek professional medical counsel before using this supplement.

WinMax Review Summary

Win Max, a near portrait of Stanozolol, is obviously a great anabolic supplement for bodybuilding programs. Thus far, no adverse effects have been found; and, made from the best natural ingredients; it has been clinically proven to provide you more energy, as well as a desired mass of lean muscle.

Personally, I would recommend WinMax for the following reasons;

- Totally natural and effective combination
- Supplies similar qualities seen in Winstrol, another anabolic compound
- Absolutely no adverse effects
- You can get your money refunded if you are not happy with the product after purchasing

- It is quite expensive
- No instructions indicating how it should be used

Where to buy Win Max?

At the moment, it can only be purchased on so looking for it at online retail shops or at the nearby fitness shop is a cool waste of time.
To get Winstrol Max, kindly visit its dedicated sales section here.


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Posted on 2015.11.14 By Ruwin Jayanga