Air Snore Review : Want a better sleep?

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We all know how embarrassing it feels to be the butt of complaints from our loved ones about our terrible snoring while sleeping. In some other cases, we often feel inexplicably tired on waking up from sleep; which should however, not be the case as we are naturally supposed to get some rest while sleeping.

If you are susceptible to any of the above mentioned conditions, then worry not as you now have a real solution that really works in the form of AIR SNORE MOUTHPIECE. Now, this is entirely different from your average spray, pill or patch, which more often than not, fails to produce desirable results. In Air Snore, you have a lasting solution to your snoring problem.To read more about Air Snore, Click here.

What is Air Snore?

Air Snore is the innovative jaw adjustment device from the stables of Bauer Nutrition that is designed to provide you with a cost effective solution to your snoring problems. Bauer Nutrition, who are regarded as a gold standard in the health, sports, and fitness nutrition industry offer this as a lasting solution for people with mild to chronic snoring problems.

Air Snore is basically a simple device which you can easily insert inside your mouth to adjust the position of your lower jaw while you are asleep. It is so easy to use that you don’t need the help or supervision of a medical personal to use it. With Air Snore smugly inserted into your mouth, you are assured of the most peaceful and restful sleep ever.


How does this Air Snore work?

During the REM sleep stage (when you are in deep slumber), the muscles of the tongue and jaws relax and constrict the throat, leading to a blockage of air passage. As a result, air if forced through the pharynx at a very high velocity, causing surrounding tissues and muscles to vibrate. All these combine to produce a high pitched sound which we know as the snoring sound.

When you insert the Air Snore into your mouth, it latches and molds itself to the outline of your jaw and helps to slightly push your jaw forward. This will help to widen the gap in your air passage by a small fraction, allowing air to flow more freely, ultimately resulting in a more restful and peaceful sleep for you and others around you. 

How best to use Air Snore

For best results, first immerse your Air Snore mouthpiece I hot water for a few minutes before inserting it in your mouth. It is also important to bite down while fitting it in and keep doing so until the mouth piece cools and properly molds the outline s of your mouth. This will help to keep it in position.

The Air Snore advantage

Not only is Air Snore easy to use, it does not require any special medical prescription. It also requires little maintenance as it is very easy to clean and handle. It is also relatively cheaper than other similar products, making it the best deal you can get on the market.

Any disadvantages?

Although the Air Snore mouthpiece takes some getting used to, the obvious benefits of using it eventually diminish this singular shortcoming. To err on the side of safety, make sure that you do not have artificial dentures or any other oral implant before using your Air Snore.


Considering all the benefits and advantages that come with using Air Snore, one can confidently say conclude that it is safe for use and is guaranteed to produce desired results. It is also known to have negligible; if any, side effects.

Where can you get your supply of Air Snore?

This product is sold exclusively on the manufacturer’s website. However, it can be shipped to any part of the globe, with a 60-day money back guarantee to boot! For more on this product, visit Bauer Nutrition’s dedicated Air Snore Website.

Posted on 2015.12.11 By Ruwin Jayanga